About us

ExtremeRate Limited is a gaming accessory development company, focused on quality and innovation. As one of the global leaders in video game accessories, ExtremeRate leads the way in the video gaming entertainment industry with customized, innovative items, and unique one-stop gaming modding solutions since 2010.

Our Mission

With a slogan of PLAY DIFFERENT, our mission is to keep innovating in the gaming industry and develop innovative and technologically improved gaming products to enhance gaming experiences, as well as fun and excitement. Gaming is our passion. All projects have has been developed and tested by gamers in gaming.

Global Brands' Portfolio

Basing on the understanding of the diversified needs of gaming enthusiasts in professional customized products, ExtremeRate has developed into a multi-brand company and gathers gamers together through personalization and specialization. Brands of ExtremeRate include eXtremeRate, HexGaming, and PlayVital.

Brand eXtremeRate - PLAY DIFFERENT

The leading brand in game controller modification industry, eXtremeRate makes the best of the one-stop gaming modding solution after ten years of development. We provide modding solutions to help our partners to deliver a better gaming experience for gamers all over the world since 2010.

For more information about eXtremeRate, please check out 

Wholesale: https://wholesale.extremerate.com/

Retail: https://www.extremerate.com/


HexGaming provides prebuilt customized esports controllers for gamers to peak performance. eXtremeRate has nearly ten years of experience in customized gamepad. Since many voices suggesting us to offer customized controllers, we decided to leverage our expertise in innovative custom solutions and give gamers an entirely new brand for creating their controller, HexGaming.

For more information about HexGaming, please check out https://www.hexgaming.com.


PlayVital is a perfect brand for gamers who would like a comfy and delightful solution for video game setups, in a wide array of video game entertainment. PlayVital aims to produce premium and well-designed video game accessories for gamers to change their gaming life.

For more information about HexGaming, please check out https://playvital.com/