Matte UV Black Classical Symbols 13in1 Button Kits Compatible With PS4 Gen2 Controller-SP4J0505WS

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Read Before Purchase:

  • Please check the third picture of the listing. If your controller model starts with CUH-ZCT2, then fits. Or simply, if the light bar is on the edge of the touch pad, then fits.
  • Compatible with eXtremeRate PS4 DTFS (DTF 2.0) LED Kit.
  • They are full set buttons compatible with PS4 controller. The controller, shell, thumbstick and other parts are not included.
  • Required customers to take apart the controller to replace your original buttons; Required customers handy with controller installation;
  • Get the installation video guide on Youtube by searching“Extremerate PS4 Pro/Slim Controller Buttons” or "x6bgOljU-rA".

Important Tips:

  • If you take apart the controller and find that the share & options buttons are part of the controller (JDM-050/055), but you still want to replace these two buttons, please refer to the installation instructions picture to install.
  • These need to be installed in combination with the eXtremeRate black button pads. After installing the share and options buttons, the original buttons will be useless.

Product Feature:

  • Ideal replacement for your broken or sticky buttons.
  • Totally upgrade your controller to the exclusive and stylish level.
  • Made of premium ABS material, durable and practical.
  • The clear solid buttons look amazing; Would be awesome if you combine it with our shell.

Package Includes:

  • 1* Dpad button
  • 1* Action buttons set
  • 1* Share button
  • 1* Options button
  • 1* Home button
  • 1* Touch pad cover
  • 1* R1 L1
  • 1* L2 L2


  • The controller, shell, thumbsticks and other parts are not included!
  • It is recommended to clean with a wipe with water. If alcohol is used, clean it with a wipe dampened with less than 70% alcohol and place it in a ventilated place to dry in time. Do not spray water or alcohol directly on the product surface. Do not use any other organic solvents for cleaning.