Full Set Screws Suits with Screwdriver Head Screws Spring Set For NS Switch-EXOEM650

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  • The long round head black screws, the longest silver screws and the longer silver screws are compatible with Joycon.
  • The long flat head black screws, the shortest big flat head black screws, the coarser short flat head black screws, the thinner flat head black screws and the shortest silver screws are compatible with Console.
  • The spring fits for NS Switch.

Package Includes:

  • 6*Long Flat Head Back Screw
  • 4*Thinner Flat Head Back Screw
  • 8*The Coaster Short Flat Fead Black Screw
  • 3*The Shortest Big Flat Head Black Screw
  • 3*Shortest Silver Screw
  • 10*Long Round Head Black Screw
  • 16*The Longest Silver Screw
  • 14*The Longer Silver Screw
  • 8*Silver Spring
  • The Adhesive Sponge Pad
  • The Speaker Dustproof Net
  • 1* Y Screwdriver Head 
  • 1* PH Screwdriver Head 

Compatibility: Fit For NS Switch

Note: These screws are only for change housing, not include the screws on the mainboard of the console.