Clear 2 Pairs Shoulder Buttons Extention Triggers Compatible With PS5 Controller-PFPJ104

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You find your fingers occasionally slipping off the triggers for the PS5 controller?
This is perfect for pro and amateur gamers as well as casual players looking to get the edge over the competition.

Product Feature:

1. Specially designed for and compatible with the PS5 controller BDM-010 & BDM-020 & BDM-030, not compatible with other controllers.
2. Made of premium durable material, lightweight and practical.
3. Contains 2 different lengths of L2R2 trigger adjusters and 2 different thickness L1R1 bumper adjusters, you can match them according to different games.
4. Ideal accessories for shooting, action, fighting, and racing games.
5. Ergonomics trigger extenders will increase speed and improves accuracy.
6. Custom extended triggers can provide a greater range of motion, increase more comfort, thereby reducing the fatigue of the thumb, wrist and hand in the game.
7. Easy to attach and remove, no complicated installation required.
8. Get installation video guide on Youtube by searching "PlayVital Bumper Trigger Extenders for PS5".

Package Includes:

2 Pair bumper L1R1 extenders
2 Pair trigger L2R2 extenders
1 set of cleansing wipe
1 set of adhesive sticker

Note: The controller and other parts are not included.