ABXY Clicky kit V2 for Xbox Core Controller & Xbox Series X/S Controller Model 1914 & Xbox One X/S Controller Model 1708 -X3MD003G2

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The Extremerate ABXY Clicky kit V2 is an evolutionary custom kit that advanced gaming functionality to your existing controller.
With it, your ABXY buttons will react faster and more accurately to gain a huge advantage in the game.

Product Feature:
1. Specially designed for Xbox Core controller (Xbox Series X|S Controller Model 1914), also compatible with Xbox One S/X controller (Model 1708).
2. Upgrade on ABXY Clicky kit V2: Compatible with both SECTOR and ROUND circuit designs of the ABXY buttons.
3. The tact switches clicky kit can shorten the ABXY buttons distance to 0.3mm, helping to activate the buttons function in a shorter time in games.
4. The crisp mouse clicky sound provides an excellent button touch, no longer the mushy feeling when pressing the buttons before.
5. The response of ABXY buttons is more flexible and accurate and not easy to stick.
6. Easy to install, need to disassemble the controller. No soldering is required.
7. Compatible with eXtremeRate LED Kit, Remap Kit, Trigger Clicky Kit, faceplate and all plastic buttons for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One S/X controller, NOT fit for all metal buttons.

Kind Reminder:
1. Please note that it's better not to use the controller immediately right after the kit is installed until 24 hours later to make sure the kit adhered to the FPC is solid.
2. If the buttons get stuck after installation, please check if the rubber pad was installed wrong.

Package Includes:
1* FPC board V2 for ABXY buttons
1* Conductive pad
2* Rubber pads set (1 for Xbox Core, 1 for Xbox One S/X)
1* T8 & T6 screwdriver
1* Tweezers
1* Prying tool
17* Screws
Note: Without the controller, buttons and other parts!