Multi-Colors Luminated Bumpers Triggers Dpad Thumbsticks Start Back ABXY Action Buttons, DTFS(DTF2.0) LED Kit For Xbox One S/X Controller Model 1708-X1LED03

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The UPGRADED DTF LED Kit for Xbox One S/X controller is finally here!
Shoulder buttons are added in this newest DTFS LED Kit.
Easier installation, 10 colors selection, 7 individual LED areas, it will make your controller stand out from the crowd!


  • The controller is NOT included.
  • Basic hands-on skills required.
  • This product doesn't contain any batteries.
  • It is powered by the controller.
  • 2 installation schemes, soldering optional.
  • Video installation guide please search "ExtremeRate DTFS LED Kit for Xbox One S/X" on Youtube.

Product Feature:

  • Fully designed for Xbox One S/X controller (model 1708).
  • Compatible with eXtremeRate Clicky trigger kit, Lofty remap kit for Xbox One X/S controller.
  • 7 different colors, red, yellow, green, cyan, blue, pink, purple. And with gradient, fast blink and 4. colorless, there are 10 different selections.
  • You can mix and match your own favorite color in 7 individual buttons areas, or you can turn off the color of any buttons area at any time.
  • With a memory function, it will record the color of the last setting, no need to set it again after restarting the controller.
  • Easy to install, need to take apart the controller.
  • Button control, easy to operate.
  • Clear D-pad, 2 thumbsticks, RT, LT, RB, LB, middle bar, abxy, start, back and sync buttons included.
  • Also comes with full tools for disassembling the controller.

Package included

  • eXtremeRate DTFS LED kit for Xbox One X/S controller x1
  • Clear D-pad x1
  • Clear thumbsticks x2
  • Clear ABXY buttons x1
  • Clear start/back/sync buttons x1
  • Clear Middle bar x1
  • Clear RT/LT x1
  • Clear RB/LB x1
  • T8H screwdriver x1
  • T6H screwdriver x1
  • Screws x17
  • Prying tool x1
  • Tweezers x1

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