Glossy Chameleon Blue Purple Controller Display Stand Compatible With PS4 Controller-SP4H02WS

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  • Tired of the controller lying casually on the gaming table?
  • Do you want to make them stand up and show off their cool looks?
  • eXtremeRate controller stand is the best choice.
  • Once you have one you'll never game without it!

Product Feature:

  • Chameleon glossy vibrant color; When you look at the stand from different perspectives, it will look like a chameleon changing color from red to purple to blue
  • Integrated design display stands compatible with all PS4 controllers.
  • Ideal gaming accessory to help organize your controller remote.
  • Cool and stylish. Make it the focal point when not using the controller and make the desktop look cleaner.
  • Made of premium ABS material, durable and practical.
  • It does not shake on the table and has never tipped over when grabbing or putting the controller back on.
  • Compatible with eXtremeRate DAWN remap kit for PS4 controller..

Package Includes:
1* Controller stand


  • The controller and other parts are not included.
  • It is recommended to clean with a wipe with water. If alcohol is used, clean it with a wipe dampened with less than 70% alcohol and place it in a ventilated place to dry in time. Do not spray water or alcohol directly on the product surface. Do not use any other organic solvents for cleaning.