Drifix Thumbsticks Drift Fix Repair Kit Custom Analog Stick Joystick Regulator Circuit Board For PS5 Controller - PFMD007

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Are you troubled by the joysticks drifting during the game?
Want to control your joysticks more precisely?
The Extremerate Drifix thumbsticks drift fix repair kit will meet your needs, quickly regulate your controller joysticks and bring a better gaming experience.
Kind Reminder:
  • Specially designed for PS5 controller BDM-010 & BDM-020 & BDM-030 & BDM-040, NOT compatible with other model controllers (Please check the third picture of the listing before purchase).
  • The Drifix thumbsticks drift fix repair kit only works when the center deviation is within 0.12 and does not work when the center jitter. It can only make the joysticks return to the center, but cannot repair the defective joysticks.
  • The thumbsticks drift fix circuit boards need to be soldered.
  • The controller, thumbsticks and other parts are NOT included.
Product Feature:
  • Drifix thumbsticks drift fix kit can repair the stick drift, non centered joysticks..
  • These accessories can help regulate center deviation and make the joysticks move more accurately during games.
  • You need to take apart your controller for installation, basic hands-on skills are required.
  • Drifix circuit boards need to be soldered.
  • Get the installation video guide on YouTube by searching “eXtremeRate Drifix Thumbsticks Drift Fix Kit for PS5” or “LgVPuagJHds”.
  • Please note that customers must use the insulated ceramic screwdriver while adjusting the resistor regulator on the flex board.
  • Compatible with eXtremeRate LED Kit, Clicky Trigger Kit, Face Clicky, RISE Remap Kit and SDP buttons for PS5 controller.
Package Includes:
1* Drifix circuit board (left & right)
1* Insulation tape
1* Ceramic slotted screwdriver
1* Cross Screwdriver
1* Prying Tool
4* Screws
Note: The controller, thumbsticks and other parts are NOT included.